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ending a teaser trailer with the words " I never asked for this"

Solid work. I was hoping when I saw your rough version that you'd get done. For the time frame given the art works well. Also I really like how friendly the music is.

It would have been a lot funnier if it had been shorter and punchier. The period between the set up and the punchline was too long and threw off the timing making it difficult to know exactly what was going on.
For example, the shot of the phone ringing should be shorter, just long enough so that the audience knows whats happening. Then the shot of the mayor being strangled should come in two pieces, one before his head explodes, which should be interrupted by the scene of the girls twerking, followed by the one where his head actually explodes, then follow up with the girls twerking again ending it the same way. This way it just really drives home the point that they're dumb bitches.

The art could use some work, but that's not a huge deal honestly. I'd say so long as you work on your pacing the quality of your work will really shine through and everything else can be developed with time.

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I loved it, the only problem is that it seemed too short, I'd love to see more of it as time goes on.

This is really a fantastic game given the time frame that you guys completed it in. That being said however, it would be considerably more enjoyable if there was a short tutorial, or set of instructions before you start that cues the player into all the features. Also making the fusion monsters considerably more powerful might keep it from being so easy to rush your opponent with one type of Genemon. Looking forward to more development if you guys choose to do so.

Really clever idea, level designs were awesome. Only reason I didn't give a five was because of how short it was, definitely worth putting more work into IMO.

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Pazz looks like he might like to grill up some steaks sometime!

not sure if it's supposed to loop, but it only plays through once for me.

PurplemantisNSFW responds:

It should and does on my end...


you should have made her big ol' titties the thumbnail.

damn boy whatchu got ther

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