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ending a teaser trailer with the words " I never asked for this"

Solid work. I was hoping when I saw your rough version that you'd get done. For the time frame given the art works well. Also I really like how friendly the music is.

It would have been a lot funnier if it had been shorter and punchier. The period between the set up and the punchline was too long and threw off the timing making it difficult to know exactly what was going on.
For example, the shot of the phone ringing should be shorter, just long enough so that the audience knows whats happening. Then the shot of the mayor being strangled should come in two pieces, one before his head explodes, which should be interrupted by the scene of the girls twerking, followed by the one where his head actually explodes, then follow up with the girls twerking again ending it the same way. This way it just really drives home the point that they're dumb bitches.

The art could use some work, but that's not a huge deal honestly. I'd say so long as you work on your pacing the quality of your work will really shine through and everything else can be developed with time.

you're a genius

you guys make the best shit on Newgrounds these day.

Solid writing, pretty funny. For the given art style the animation fit but could still use a good bit of work with both.

I'm a big fan of the really angular slightly rough art style, the backgrounds are all beautiful and I really like the use of vibrant, simple, contrasting colors within the scenes. The animation is very well handled in how few frames were used in some places to really give it a unique weight in the timing.

As for the writing, I have to say it was hard at times to see where the jokes were, and when it was apparent the timing of the punchline felt off. I don't know if this is a personal preference, but I have to say that references to social media should function more as platform for the setting of the story or the joke being told, rather than being the joke itself. With the growth of social media over time the type of jokes that just use hashtags as punchlines, for example, have become so common place they feel cliched.

writersblockheads responds:

Glad you like our look! Sorry our humour wasn't your bag, but I'm sure you'll like some of our other works that are soon to come!

Its obvious that you put a lot of time and effort into this and that really did show throughout the cartoon, your overall composition and shots, as well as the plot, are well done, however I really would encourage you to try and make things considerably shorter in a lot of places. If certain scenes are too long it throws off the comedic timing and weakens the delivery of the joke. The animation also could use work, but did not distract from the plot as it is now. For what it is I'd say well done.

you did a very good job

the animation is really good, probably better off being submitted to the art portal as a looped animation though

FabioGioffre responds:

thanks for the advice, i think your right lol.

damn boy whatchu got ther

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